Who we are

We are Claire and Neal Ashford. In 2002, we created Lavender Blue Media.

We show businesses how video could be successfully introduced into their marketing communication strategies.

We know that every brand has a unique voice. From concept development to post-production, we’ll work tirelessly to create visually stunning videos reflecting your brand’s personality that will resonate with your target audience.

In the ever-evolving world of video production and social media, we’re embracing the latest industry trends and cutting edge technology to deliver exceptional results.

From 6K/4K filming to advanced editing techniques, we use our technical expertise to ensure your videos are of the highest quality and stand out from the crowd.

Every business can broadcast to a global audience online, to a local community, or to a small, selected group of stakeholders. The challenge is identifying the best way to tell your story. This is where we fit in.

Through our own development and experiences, we have built a dedicated and passionate team of video experts who share the same desire as we do and work with us to produce great content.

For us, it’s all about understanding you, your business objectives and what you stand for, so we can capture the authenticity, context, emotion, and determination that it’s taken to build your business.

Claire Ashford - Lavender Blue Media

Founder and producer

Before creating Lavender Blue Media I was a Bank Manager for a well-known High Street Bank. I retrained as a producer in and now oversee all of Lavender Blue Media’s projects, providing the link between you and the production team. I’m here to guide you through the production process, ensuring that we achieve your goals and objectives for your project. It’s all about collaboration, relationship building and delivering excellent videos on time, every time.

Working with young people and ensuring their voices are heard is a particular passion of mine and some of my favourite projects fall into this genre.

In my downtime, I’m busy being a mum, keen gardener and family taxi driver.

Neal Ashford - Lavender Blue Media

Neal Ashford

Founder and creative director

I began my career 35 years ago in television and worked on documentaries for Sky TV, Discovery, Channel 4 and the BBC. I always wanted my own production company though, and since starting Lavender Blue Media, I’ve enjoyed being responsible for our creative approach and making films that really make a difference.

Outside of work I’m a BBQ enthusiast, come rain or shine I’m down in my shack creating culinary masterpieces; but the passion for filming never stops and I’m also capturing content for my own ‘BBQ Explorers’ social media channel.